As locksmith experts, we are preferably suited to offer fire door inspections. Our professionals spend most of our lives doing the most innovative task like installing inventive security products. We not just install products, but also service existing hardware, knowing when to repair and when the product is no longer serviceable.
Our experts specialize in Fire Doors and we know the intricacy of fire compartment safety. Our responsibility to this specialized Fire Door service makes sure that we reflect changes in legislation. From arranging an outer risk assessment, to maintaining security on your premises, we will offer you with an effective complete service.

Reasonable Fire Door Installation Services

Our fire door installation team knows how to set up fire doors to the highest Standards and guarantee high quality fire rated doors at reasonable rates. We fit internal fire doors and outer fire doors to residences and business premises all over Tampa.
We offer professional repair and maintenance by well qualified personnel together with a full paper trail.  Fast and inexpensive fire door repairs such as adjustment of gaps or perhaps replacing smoke seals, strikes, hinges and silencers are typically all that it takes to keep away from problems and a big security risk.  Our maintenance and repair services can also improve door and closer components, and if required make an absolute replacement.

A Commercial Locksmith can check your fire door and make any required repairs or upgrades before your next fire inspection, saving you time and hassle of going through numerous fire inspections in the event your fire door doesn’t pass the check.

Our locksmith can also inspect your other doors and locks to ensure they’re functioning appropriately and give sufficient security for your place of business. Locksmith experts are also competent to install first-rate locks, hinges, and other devices that will improve your door’s performance in the happening of a fire. A commercial locksmith can set up and update your Emergency Exit Devices so you can pass your fire inspection and offer the proper safety traits that are necessary by law.